Heckuva Garden Hat

Garden hat shopping? I have two words for you: chin strap.

It’s one of those things you won’t realize you need until it’s too late–and the wind has blown the hat clear from your head.   Mother Nature does tend to be a mischevious one.  Which is annoying at best, an inconvenience at worst as you trudge from your garden chores in chase of your hat!

garden hat

While sometimes overlooked, a garden hat is an essential part of the gardener’s wardrobe.  Not only do they keep the sun off your delicate skin (which gets more delicate as you grow older so where your hat–while you’re young ladies!), they keep critters out of your hair, off your shoulders…

You get the picture.  I know it’s not a pretty picture I’m painting, but I’d rather you be prepared (else you run from your new gardening adventure before reaping your reward at harvest time!).  And with so many beautiful garden hats to choose from, why wouldn’t you wear one?  Other than the fact it flattens a girl’s “do.”  But where do you have to be?  You’re gardening, not gallavanting!

My first choice for a garden hat is woven.  I like the look and find it holds up well.  Also, most wide-brimmed hats seemed to be woven in nature and wide-brimmed is good–keeps the sun off your skin and out of your eyes.  But wait, you’re wearing your protective eyegear, aren’t you?  Natural fiber hats similar to this one are available through Mast General Store, an outfit out of North Carolina. GREAT site for tons of neat, natural products for the outdoors.

For a smaller “headprint” and lightweight option, how about the hat you wear out on the boat, when you’re fishing?

What? You don’t fish?”  Oh mercy are you missing out on some big fun!  But not to worry–your garden will provide you with all the fun you need.  Outside of fishing, that is.  This booney-style hat will work both out on the boat and in the garden (note chin strap) and is washable.  Straw is not.  Brushable, but not washable. And with a name like Sun Goddess, how could you go wrong?

Yeehaw–there’s always a cowgirl hat!  Chin strap, straw made, you’re sure to find one right for you.  From high atop your tractor to crouched between your rows of corn, you’ll feel right at home in this one and ready for a quick change for a night on the town.

I do love a good country line dance, now and again. Mostly to watch since my coordination (and memory) lacks to keep up!

paisley garden hat

Oh well, there’s always the garden…always something exciting going on in there.

Which brings me to a good point.  Hats are practical but should also be fun.  They’re a reflection of you.  Like your gloves, your glasses, your shoes, your shorts–hats are an expression of your personality.  Make it bold but make it useful!

And don’t forget the chin strap.  Keeps the frustration factor low and the fun factor high in the sky!

p.s.  For those of you who insist on matching accessories, Women’s Work has a ton of CUTE hats and matching glove sets. Paisley, cotton, you name it! Job One is took look good while protecting your valuable skin.

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