Indispensable Garden Tool

The right garden tool is one of the most important things to consider when gardening.  If I could use one tool to do everything, I would (usually do!).  It just keeps things simple and my garden bag lighter. But I actually have a few I can’t live without and here are three of my favorites, the essentials to easy gardening.

The first garden tool I use is this ergonomically designed “weeder.” It’s designed for weeding, but I find it’s quite handy for many uses. Digging, cultivating, transplanting and sure, weeding is one of those duties.  I bought mine in a matching set with a shovels and cultivator from Target.  The set will handle most jobs in the garden, but this weeder is my favorite.

Second on the list is a good quality hand cultivator. While you can use the one mentioned above, I prefer a sharper cultivator as it’s a tad more aggressive and when turning your soil, you want to be aggressive!

garden tool

This metal-pronged sharp-tipped cultivator is a better choice in my opinion, and will become indispensable while working your beds.  Happens to be the tool of choice in our school garden, too.  Mine was a gift, but you can find these at most hardware and garden stores–just look for a lightweight handle and pointed metal prongs.

Finally, if you’re serious about gardening and want to work a substantial area, you’re going to need a hoe.  There are all kinds of hoes out there, but after trying several different styles, I’ve found this forked variety to be the best.

It’s the ultimate in efficiency (outside of my husband). Why? One side allows for precision cultivating (for weeds, etc.), while the other side is capable of moving large amounts of dirt at a time.  A metal rake works wonders for grading the surface of your beds, but if you can only manage one tool, this one’s for you.

While throwing a hoe does require more work, so does a larger garden!  Ask my kids.  Every time they see me clearing weeds south of the garden, they stare, mouths a gape.  “You’re making it bigger?”

“Yes!  Think of how much more fun we’ll have!”

That’s when they turn to one another and their eyes grow still.  Is it possible they have a different definition of fun?

Nah, that’s impossible.  Who doesn’t love to garden?

Check out this Garden Tool website for more ideas.

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