Stake and Tomatoes

Take it from me—trial and error gal—don’t learn this the hard way.  Your tomatoes want big stakes, firm stakes.  Sturdy, semi-permanent. They want to know there’s support for them when the wind blows, that they won’t lose their ruby-red jewels dripping from their vines.

triangle cage

Trust me when I say, “think strong” (as in men, too.;)). Next time you’re shopping for tomato cages and you see this packaged structure, walk on. Don’t stop. Don’t waste your time.

Admittedly, I thought this three-walled triangle style cage would be the secret to success. It was–for a while. But when the tomato plant grew and the tomatoes hung heavy, it fell over like a twig.

And this round, loopy one? More

Get Your Garden Growing with this Groovy Gear!

Talk about recycle and reuse–this month’s Prize Picks has some totally groovy items for your garden.  From old tires to galvanized steel tubs, your garden containers never looked so good! And how great will you feel knowing this rubber didn’t end up in a landfill somewhere?

Awesome.  You’ll feel great.  And while you’re celebrating, don’t toss that wine bottle into the trash or recycle bin.  Instead, why not cut in half and create your very own hydroponic indoor garden?  Your herbs will love you and your conscious will be clear.  (I do love a multi-tasker. :))

For more nifty recycle items, check this month’s Prize Picks for some groovy answers to staying green.  Better yet, why not suggest some of your own?

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