Juicing Peaches, Mangoes and Basil

With summer in full swing, I decided to try juicing the sweet fruits of the season, namely peaches and mangoes. Not only two of my favorites, these fruits are classic companions in the kitchen. Adding basil gives the juice a unique twist!

And it’s simple to do. Using a commercial juicer, the process only takes seconds. Don’t have a commercial juicer? No problem. This blend can be whipped up just as easily using a traditional blender.

Mango Peach Juice

1 mango, sliced, pit removed

2 peaches, sliced, pits removed

6 basil leaves

For best results when using a commercial juicer, add mango first, then basil, followed by the peaches. The reason? You don’t want your basil to get lost in the juicer blades. You want it in your glass!

Delicious. Simply delicious!

Added benefit: Basil is a wonderful digestive aid.