Florida School Garden Competition

BACK to School Special!

Kids are going back to school and what better way to greet them than with a brand new book?  Wild Tales & Garden Thrills, by D.S. Venetta, is a new fiction series for elementary-aged children (grades 2 – 4) that connects kids with nature and the food they eat. And what better place to do so than a school garden?

EVERY school should one!

Venetta, Dianne- Beans, Greens and Grades (final) 800 px @ 300 dpi

Lexi and Jason Williams take center stage at school when Principal Gordon enlists their help to establish a garden at Beacon Academy. The kids are THRILLED to be selected as Green Ambassadors for this important project, but quickly learn how challenging it can be to work with others toward a common goal. Not only must they teach their fellow students how to garden, Lexi and Jason feel the pressure to make it fun and exciting (or become known as “The Most Boring Gardeners Ever” in school history). When the principal reveals a generous amount of grant money has been offered to continue the green program if the children succeed, the stakes rise.

No worries! Lexi and Jason are up to the task, assisted by their student council members. But as they formulate, organize and implement the plan for Beacon Academy’s first school garden, the kids are sidetracked by trouble, toils and trauma. Everyone has their OWN opinion on how to care for their plants, what should be done, and who should be doing it.

Hey–wait a minute. Who’s in charge around here? Find out in book 2 of the Wild Tales & Garden Thrills series!

And don’t miss the back-to-school special offer! Get the entire series–coloring books included–for over 30% off. Talk about getting kids excited about gardening–this series is it! Visit www.dsvenetta.com for full details.

Sustainability Education has never been so FUN!


“This is a story that kids will be absorbed in without realizing how much they’re learning–about seeds, planting, plant life cycles, bugs, fertilizer… If you’re looking for a chapter book to get kids excited about nature, gardening, and science, this one would fit the bill.” ~ Queen Bee Books


Our Submission is IN!

The students entered their garden into Florida’s School Garden Competition this year and our fingers are crossed.  While the due date for entry photos is well before most of our plants have blossomed, we’re still hopeful they will shine in all their “petite” glory.  Wish us luck!

In the meantime, we’ll do what we always do and that is to diligently work our garden and observe visiting wildlife (which is plenty).  One eagle-eyed student spotted this little gem climbing the leaves of a nearby weed.

Well, he was supposed to be weeding, only we prefer his efforts to be secluded to the garden beds! Cute little guy, isn’t he?  However, better than snails and slugs, one keen young girl laid claim to her own bit of treasure:

Not sure how these coins ended up in the garden, but “finders keepers!”  But the REAL excitement was discovering our carrots are ready.

Did you hear?  Our carrots are ready!  Our carrots are ready!  And you know what that means…carrot cake for everyone!  It’s a party now. 🙂

Though I think we’ll add a healthy carrot side to our cake and eat it, too.  And remember the fabulous cole slaw we made last time?  Another cabbage beauty is almost ready!

Isn’t she gorgeous?  And so is her friend, the Brussels sprout.  Yet this gal is proving to be a mystery.  While we have lovely green leaves, we have no sprouts blooming along the stalk.  Why not?

You got me on that one.  I have no idea—though I aim to find out!  The kids and I will get to the bottom of this and next year?  We’ll have a bounty of lovely leaves and plump sprouts, you watch.  Until then, take a look at our progress…

Fully planted now, our job is to weed and feed (and of course, harvest and eat!).