Make Your Own Seed Saving Packets

Hey Kids–

Wanna collect and save the seeds from all those vegetables you grew?  How about making your very own custom seed packets?  C’mon, it’s easy!

Simply select one of the following templates, use the instructions as your sample guide and then cut, fold and seal with your school glue stick.  That’s it — ta-da!  You have made your very own seed packet.

Seed Saving Packet Instructions

Seed Saving Packet Template

Seed Saving Packet Template with Carrot Image

Seed Saving Packet Template with Gardener Image

Seed Saving Packet Template for Teachers (makes a GREAT teacher gift!)

And they’re all so easy…

Even a kid can do it!  Instructions are color coded and simple to follow. Have fun and take pride in knowing you are on your way to sustainable living. 🙂

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