Pinecone Bird Seed Feeder

Growing sunflowers can be fun, eating the seeds can be delicious, but how about combining the two and make a pinecone bird seed feeder?  It’s easy!

Pinecone Bird Seed Feeder


twine or fishing line

scissors to cut twine

peanut butter or vegetable shortening

spatula (or fingers!)

bird seed — sunflowers, millet, dried fruit chopped small, and/or nuts finely chopped

Simply cut your twine to size and tie around the top end of your pinecone.  We tied ours in a loop which makes it easy to hang from any tree branch.

Next we brushed/pressed on our shortening with a spatula, though some kids preferred their fingers.  They work!  Just keep wet napkins nearby. 🙂


Then we rolled our shortening-covered pine cone in the bird seed mixture until well-coated and ta-da!  Your bird seed feeder is ready for hanging!

Is that great, or what?  And FUN.  Big fun!

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  1. Pat
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 20:24:28

    Will the peanut butter or shortening go bad on the feeder if not used right away?


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