How-To Grow

Learn how to grow vegetables with my easy how to grow guide. Every plant is unique and beautiful and requires different care. Below are some basic rules. Check my list of how to grow tips for easy, gorgeous, organic vegetables.

Gardening 101

Find a sunny location for your garden. While plants differ in their particular hours of sunlight required, they all need a healthy dose of the stuff. Afternoon shade works well in hot spots like Florida and Texas, but generally speaking: think sun.

Plant depth will reflect seed size. The smaller the seed, the more shallow planting depth.

Heirloom seeds are preferred over hybrid, because we practice self-sustaining gardening and seeds harvested from hybrids won’t reproduce the fruit they were harvested from. Instead, you’ll get a surprise veggie!

Keep in mind that plants like soft, fluffy beds. If your soil is too dense or too loose, like Goldilocks, your plants will complain. Homegrown compost fits the bill best!

how to grow straweberries

Mulch keeps the moisture in and natural hay or pine straw works perfect, though pine should be reserved for your more acid-loving plants like potatoes, peanuts, strawberries and blueberries.

Companion planting helps keep your plants healthy and happy. Two plants that work well with everyone are lettuce and okra.

Fish emulsion is a great all-around organic fertilizer. Gives mild dose of nitrogen and stinky enough to keep the bugs at bay. However, mushroom compost is my secret weapon. Mixed into my soil, this compost does some AMAZING things for my plants. I get mine straight from the factory near me called Monterey Mushroom. Don’t have one near you? Many gardening stores now carry it by the bag.

How To Grow

Broccoli and Cauliflower








Sweet Onions

Sweet Potatoes


For information on what’s seasonal in your area, check out this app, Seasonal Food Guide.

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