These Dollars I DON’T Need

These are dollar weeds. Also known as hydrocotyle, or pennywort, they’re an incessant nuisance. They grow ferociously in moist, well-watered areas. Like my garden.

dollars everywhere

Basically, they’re lily-pad like leaves attached to vines that grow deep in the soil sprouting leaves every six inches. I spray them with garden safe weed-killer but it only succeeds in killing off the leaves I hit. The vines beneath the surface simply detour, or sprout new leaves. The only way to rid your garden of them is to pull them. UGH. No fun.

tractoring dollar

Or call tractor-man. He’s always helpful when it comes to churning up roots and dirt.

dollar no more

Unfortunately, dollar weeds have an amazing resiliency and will be back. I’ll need to spray this section to truly rid the garden of the beasts.

dollar weeds in blueberry plants3

And because dollar weeds grow deep underground, the little buggers ran straight through the root ball of my newly transplanted blueberry bushes. After due diligence on my part removing the vines around my bush, I finally had to pull the entire plant out, pull the dollar weeds free (the dollar weed is that white vine-looking gremlin protruding from the root ball) and start over. Hmph. Weeds have no respect.

On a positive note–because we gardeners must remain positive in the wake of challenge–I harvested a unique blend of spicy and sweet.

harvested an odd mix

Not often you see this combination, huh?