Planting Pineapples

It’s that time of year when I dream of tropical getaways and long to bury my feet in the sand. It’s also that time of year when whole pineapples are plentiful on the grocer’s shelves. Sweet, juicy and delicious, pineapples are wonderful in smoothies, casseroles or simply fresh from the core. As a gardener, I’m always interested in how to plant the fruits and veggies that I love, and pineapples are no different.

And now I know how! Thanks to a friend, I’ve learned just how easy it is to grow pineapples at home. I mean, this fellow is no gardener. He’s just a guy who enjoys his pineapple and decided he’d try to grow some for himself. And he did!


How? He simply cut the crown from his recently devoured pineapple, allowed it to dry for several days, then dug a hole out by his pool and planted it. That’s it. He didn’t water or fertilize it to speak of. He just let it grow. And grow it did.

Now I’m a bit fussier when it comes to my garden and I like to think I have something to do with how prosperous my fruits and vegetables grow. This means I must also take the blame when they don’t do well…like some of my okra this year. Some fared better than others. But not one to dwell on my mistakes, I keep looking forward and on to the next growing season–or challenge, in the case of my new pineapple venture.

My new pineapple

So there it is. A beautiful albeit lonely pineapple waiting for Mother Nature to shower it with her sunshine and thunderstorms. It will be watered twice weekly by my herb garden misters AND I will be adding some fish emulsion organic fertilizer–eventually. But until then, I’m content to allow it to take root and watch it grow. I figure if this fellow can do it, I can do it. 🙂