Sweetest Tears You’ll Never Cry

Something about homegrown sweet onions doesn’t make you cry. You leap for joy, you eat your heart out, but you don’t cry–not when you’re cutting them you don’t. I only cry when I run out for the season!

fresh sweet onions

And they taste sweeter than any onion I’ve ever purchased from the store. Yep, they’re that good and very easy to grow. In fact, the only problem I can find with sweet onions is waiting for the harvest!

sweet onions almost ready

They don’t require a lot of attention or bug spray, only water, which is why I make a point to heavily mulch my onions. Makes sense when you consider their body is made up of mostly water. And when they’re ready, they’ll die back so you know when to harvest.

sweet onion plants ready for harvest

Some even poke up from the ground, calling your name — Pick me! Pick me!

sweet onion poking up from the ground

I do love a helpful vegetable in the garden. And if all that isn’t enough to love about these gems, how about this gorgeous bloom they produce?

onion plant bloom

Stunning. Intricate, gorgeous, simply stunning.

Stay-tuned! I’ll be posting complete how-to grow instructions for sweet onions. Should be brief. 🙂