Bursting with Zucchini

I do love a plant that grows without effort. And when I say grow, I mean REALLY grow–producing big, beautiful and abundant zucchini. Aren’t they beautiful?

first zucchini

Sure, they might look oddly shaped, but they taste the same as perfectly shaped zucchini. I’m sensing this happened due to a burst of water–repeated days dropping tons of rain–then, nothing. Well, not nothing, but the spray misters in my garden are no comparison to the inches of rain we had, proving just how important water is to your garden. Note to self: water more during fruit production for huge produce.

To think that these started out as babies only two months ago…

zuchini babies

And now look at them! Gorgeous and glorious with their wide, expansive leaves and lovely yellow blossoms.

zucchini are fab

Wunderbar! And only one squash bug detected the entire time! Why, you might ask? Diatomaceous earth. Using a hand-held “duster,” I cover the leaves with a fine coating of the DE and the bugs eat and die. One of the sadder parts of nature, but hey, it’s survival of the fittest, right? Mother Nature wants my zucchini to thrive as much as she wants those bugs to survive…

It’s tough out there in the wild, but also delicious. Have you tried my Zucchini and Cheese Supreme? It’s a sumptuous way to serve up zucchini. For a healthier alternative, I like to roast slices of zucchini, then dip them into a lovely marinara sauce. Pan sauté works well, too, adding a sprinkle of Parmesan?

YUM. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry! I’m off to the kitchen….