Lovin’ Me Some Tomatoes!

Just had to share how wonderful my tomatoes are doing. After battling hornworms and stink bugs  and a host of crickets (diatomaceous earth works wonders for creepy crawlies), my tomatoes are beating the odds. Remember, I’m totally organic and out in a wide open field of sunshine which makes my tomatoes more vulnerable to stress. Too much heat, too many bugs, the occasional thunderstorm that wreaks havoc with pelting wind… You get the drift. It’s tough out there!

better bush tomatoes

But they are doing well. Not terribly beautiful, but producing some serious beauties. I’ve chosen Better Bush (shown above), Beefmaster (shown directly below), followed by Celebrity.

beefmaster tomatoes

A few brown spots, plucked leaves (hornworm damage) and various spots, but all seem to be thriving. I try and harvest mine when they begin to turn red. I do so in an effort to beat the beetles and worms who love crawling in and devouring my tomatoes as they mature. Simply pick and place in a sunny window. Voilá — red tomatoes within days!

celebrity tomatoes

Even this mess of tomatoes you see below is doing well. They are the wild result of a tomato seed toss in the compost pile. Had one in my lunch salad today and it was delicious. Small, but tasty.

tangle of compost tomatoes

Look what else is growing in my compost pile.

compost pumpkin

A lovely pumpkin. Not sure if this fella is the result of my Seminole pumpkin seeds or the larger Halloween version, but either way, we love to harvest from the compost pile. Just goes to show this gardening gig is EASY. Compost produce grows all by itself! 😉