Kids and Seeds

As our school year winds to a close, the kids are dutifully preparing for next year, eager for another season in the garden. We’ve planted our seeds, watched them grow and have reaped our bounty. Now comes the question: What to do with the seeds?

Why sell them, of course! We’re forward-thinking self-sustaining gardeners with a mind for planning, and we know that if we sell some of our seeds, we’ll have enough money to purchase more nifty magnifying glasses, spray bottles, worm poop and the like!  (We can grow and harvest seeds, but we’re NOT harvesting worm poop.)

And where are we going to store our seeds?  How about these fabulous seed packets?

seed packet variety

Aren’t they divine?  The kids made them and it was so easy. First, we sat in our circle of creativity.

circle of creativity

Next, we carefully cut along the exterior lines of the pre-printed template.

cutting seed packets

Then we glued our flaps and ta-da — a seed packet!

finished seed packet

Pretty cool, isn’t it?  Each class decorated a batch of their own and next week, we’ plan to set up a booth and sell them to our family and friends (aka fundraiser :)).

If you’d like to make your own, head on over to the Kid Buzz section of the website for complete instructions, plus a variety of template designs. Have fun!