Confessions From A Corn Field

Sort of.  I have a confession to make.  I have no plans to plant corn this year. *sigh*  It’s proven a tough plant for me.  Too tough.  Which makes for a very sad day in my household because corn is delicious–especially fresh from the cob.  It’s fun, because the kids can craft corn husk dolls on their way to the compost pile.  It’s versatile, because we can eat it standing between the beds of our garden or hauled up to the house and boiled, roasted or grilled.

kidney beans and corn

And giving up is not in my DNA.  But since I’ve gone organic (the first season after my wonderful neighbors helped me start my garden), I can’t seem to feed my corn enough, de-bug it enough, de-disease it enough.  I won’t say I’ve scored a zero in the endeavor, but the cobs I have harvested are few and far between. The consensus seems to be…

kid pulling corn

“You grow corn organically?  Without pesticides?  Wow…”  Others stare at me with a skeptical eye and demand, “That’s really working out for you?”

Somewhat, but not well I admit, not well at all.  I tried to utilize companion planting to my benefit, planting the corn next to beans and squash.  I even planted sunflowers last spring to help lure the bugs away, but alas, no luck.  To be honest, I’d really like to know the secrets to growing healthy, organic corn because I’ll tell you–I’m no friend of Monsanto.  I don’t like their monopoly on the corn seed market and I don’t appreciate their genetic engineering that allows them to “breed” the insecticides, etc. straight into their corn seeds.  If I’m wrong on these statements, please correct me.  But from everything I’ve heard, this company’s standard practices are no good.

Corn and tomatoes

Me?  I’m a firm believer in the old adages: “we reap what we sow” and “we are what we eat.”  I’m an heirloom kinda gal.  I like salads for lunch, veggies for dinner, and there’s no part of me that believes hybrid food, microwave ovens, preservatives and the like can be as good for consumption as plain old food eaten in its purest form, consumed room temperature or heated the old-fashioned way, one molecule at a time.

But I am all “ears” (corn humor!).  Can you help me grow organic corn?  Can you help me lengthen my stalks and plump my cobs?  I sure would be appreciative! 🙂