Peppers in January?

“Who’d a thunk it?”  Especially after the frost just before Christmas, when I was out shopping and too busy to cover them, in addition to the fact that my local weather folks had it in the 40’s until I arrived home that evening.  Frost alert!  Maybe even a freeze!

AGH?  Are you kidding me?  This is not something to joke about!

But alas, it was true.  Two nights in a row.  Ho, hum.  Who expects to grow peppers in the winter, anyway?

Only the most optimistic gardeners like myself!  I left the peppers in ground after the damage was done, deciding to pull them out at a later date.  Then the green peppers started turning red, and the Hungarian Wax started sprouting a host of new leaves.  What the heck?

The curious sort, I left them in and kept an eye on the little fellas.  Checked one of the red peppers, turned it to and fro.  Didn’t appear frost-bitten.  Was it possible it was good?

Oh you bet it’s possible!  I sliced that baby up, tossed it into my salad (leaves who love a nip in the air) and sat down for a scrumptuous lunch.  Added a few tomatoes I saved as well.  Riding high, I went out to collect my Hungarian Wax, sliced and diced and dried them, salted them but to my dismay, there weren’t enough to can.  Shucks.  Do fresh peppers and oil work?

Bought a fresh baguette and looked into it that evening.  What can I say?  Worked for me!

Like I always say, gardening is an adventure.  You never know how things may turn out, turn in or turn under–as in the case of my grubs.  But you keep at it, because you love it, because there’s no more relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning with the kids.  (Not!)  Tennis, anyone?

p.s. Peppers shown are not from my January garden.  Just wanted to give you a *pop* of color to tide you over until spring. 🙂