There’s Always Next Year

Ever catch yourself saying this as you stand and gaze upon your garden?

I have.  Am, I should say.  My garden is going through some “growing pains” at the moment.  Most horribly, our frost “bite” right before Christmas.  Weather man modified his forecast AFTER I was able to prepare.  (Aaagh!)  Watching the news one evening, I found myself gaping at the television screen.  Hard frost?  Freeze, north of us?  Oh no…

Yep.  I have three forty-foot rows that look just like this one.  We salvaged what tomatoes we could, pulled the plants and still have these to clean up.  Tomorrow.  There’s always tomorrow.  Same fate befell my wax peppers, forcing us to clean, cut and can Christmas eve and Christmas day.  (Like I had time for that?!?!)

With the kids help, we managed.  After all, they were in a GREAT mood. 😉  Which brings us to the positives in the garden.  Our cabbage is beautiful. They look like flowers, don’t they?

So are the Brussels sprouts.  Cute little buttons, at the moment.  Can’t wait until they mature!

Yum, is all I can say.  And that includes these giant pumpkins.

Next year, we’ll have to begin earlier.  Like July.  (It takes four months to create that monster!)  Then, we’ll have some bad boys like these to carve up for Halloween!

Our broccoli have “bolted” and are currently host to a hum of bees. So I left them in.  Maybe I’ll use them for seed collection. 🙂

Everything else is doing well: carrots, lettuce, garlic, onions, sweet peas.  Okay, these are doing ESPECIALLY well.

I had no idea they would grow so big, fat and heavy.  But they have.  And I’m having a hard time without a sufficient trellis system in place.  But there’s always next year (season), right?  Next year I’ll be more prepared.

Hell-OH, 2013…  Hope it’s a great one for us all!