Lookee What We Found in the Compost!

You know it’s a good day in the compost pile when this little fella is making his home in your homemade dirt.  Can you see him?  He’s the curvy-looking stick. 🙂

It means nice, damp conditions.  It means nutrients.  It means this compost will be AWESOME for garden use–all of which we learned this week in our lessons (listed below).  But better yet, a compost pile is just plain fun.

Wouldn’t you agree?  These kindergarteners thought so.  But this week wasn’t ALL about compost and fun.  Upper Elementary also planted a batch of sweet onions.  Made some beautiful wells around them, too.  (Not entirely sure which part is more fun–planting or carving out the wells.)

We also planted some more sweet peas, adding to the batch planted by Lower Elementary last week.  With winter coming (eh, hem), we are looking for cool season plants to fill our garden.  Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels, sweet peas and onions are all great choices.   Soon we’ll plant potatoes and next thing you know, it will be spring again!! 

Can’t wait.  Lessons this week were as follows: Compost_LE, Compost_UE, Compost_UE_Quiz