Lessons in Bugs and Frogs, Gourds and FUN!

This week the kids continued bug duty, as their pumpkins are being devoured by the day.  It’s a sad sight when the kids clamor to inspect their pumpkins only to find the leaves eaten half off their plant.

Sad.  Very sad.  So they continued with their dispatch duty and in the process, found this little guy.

Cute isn’t, he?  I had to remind the girls NOT to kiss him.  Fairy tales aren’t real.  They’re make-believe and he will not turn into a handsome prince to grant their every wish.  It was close.  Spotting the first carrot sprouts was enough to pull them clear out of their funk.


Sweet.  Can’t wait for carrot cake!  As fall sinks into the South, we decided to plant gourds–the winter version of our summer squash, though here in Florida, we plant them side by side.  It’s life in the Sunshine State.  And since they make such good friends for corn, we put them in the same row.  First we weeded and tilled.

Next we planted and covered.  I must say the teamwork displayed by Lower Elementary on this project was to be envied.  And speaking of envy, our bean supports are sure to be the envy of the town.

Handcrafted by the Middle Schoolers, these babies almost look as though they’ve been plucked right out of the history pages talking about the Indians and gardening. 

Cool, aren’t they?  We’re organic, so we like everything to have that “natural” feel and because we’re self-sustaining, we always use what we have before buying new.  And it only took a figure eight knot.

Nice.  Very well done.  For those of you who missed it, kids had garden quizzes!

Feed What You Grow_UE_Quiz

 Organic Fertilizers_Quiz