I LOVE This Idea…

Now why didn’t I think of this?  A vegetable washing table, complete with hose and close proximity to the harvest bounty! 

I do like a gardener who thinks “outside” the garden—as in:  “Where am I going with this stuff?”

Probably because he’s a man.  A woman thinks practicality:  Going to the kitchen now to prepare my fresh veggies…  She knows there’s a sink in the kitchen.  A man thinks solution:  This stuff is dirty and I’ve got to clean it off before bringing it anywhere near the kitchen.  A well-trained husband, that is. 🙂

He’s a problem-solver, she’s a multi-tasker.  “Not only do I grow my own fruits and vegetables—I cook them!”

It makes for a great partnership.  And Justin is some kind of wonderful when it comes to constructing the garden bed.  Not only are the rows finely formed and combed, they’re boxed in, fenced in, and under sprinkler reach. 

Why the fence?  Besides those woods back there, stocked full with bunnies and raccoons, foxes and gators, they have a dog.  You remember Millie, right?

Isn’t she cute?  Energetic and curious, too.  Justin and Eyry also have a young daughter who matches Millie rambunctious stride for rambunctious stride.  Trust me, as a gardener who “freaks” at row-jumping little nephews, it’s best they have a fence.  Eliminates a lot of stress.  Gardening shouldn’t be stressful.  It’s an adventure, but a relaxing one!

So what are we growing?  Pumpkins, of course, along with corn, peas, tomatoes, squash…  As good organic gardeners, Justin and Eyry are practicing companion planting.  Here they have peas, corn and marigolds.

Nice.  Very nice.  They’ve also decided to plant blueberries.  Since blueberries will not take part in crop rotation, they’ve placed them alongside the fence.  I spotted a few strawberries, too!

Good thinking.  So all in all,  they’re off to a wonderful start.

Looks inviting, doesn’t it?