Picky Eater?

Okay, call me crazy (most folks do), but I have a finicky eater chomping away at the greens in my garden.  This little pest is devouring my Brussels sprouts.  Not my broccoli, mind you, taking up residence in the very same row.  Only my Brussels.  Chomped this one clear to the stem.

Weird.  Very weird.  You’d think a desperate bug would eat whatever green it landed upon, whichever leaf didn’t taste like insecticidal soap or garlic pepper spray.  You’d think–but this little fella isn’t concerned with fancy sprays and concoctions, oh no.  Only Brussels.  As you can see, the first half of this bed looks to be all dirt and stems.

This latter part is host to a lovely display of budding broccoli plants.

They’re side by side–all of planted at the same time.  Transplants from my local seed store (forgot to start them from seed when I started my tomatoes), these beauties were all lush and divine.   But no more.  Hmph.  Any ideas as to the identity of the culprit?

As for my other babies, they seem fine — though I did spot a dastardly squash bug this morning, running from a tomato plant.  The fiend.  (Those are the baby tomato plants off to the left.)

Kidney beans are doing well, too.  Can’t wait for them to mature, because that means chili around our house!

Other than the above mentioned, I now have pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, okra and lettuce in ground.  Most are small and nothing to see at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted on their progress.  Other than a few pesky bugs, things are coming along very well!

Looks good, doesn’t it? I’m pleased. 🙂