What the Heck Happenend?

Yesterday morning I strolled out to the garden, ready for a day of transplanting tomatoes and peppers.  You may recall I started my seed trays a month or so back and now felt ready to settle the little darlings into their new home.  The kids had their cousins over for a sleepover and I’d enlisted their help. Gardening is BIG fun for those kids without their own garden at home (though I was pleased to learn their public school has a garden).  As we strolled down the rows, tomato trays in hand, we stopped short.  There, in the middle of my perfectly lined walkway was a pile of mud.  Looking further, we noticed the entire end of squash were washed out.  I mean, seriously washed out.

But how?  Sure, it rained the evening before, but not that hard.  This looks like someone walked along and dumped a barrel of water right on my bed! Upon closer inspection, we didn’t see where a “river ran through it” or any distinct paths where the water may have channeled in from. Odd.  Very odd.

Of course we went straight to work forming a new bed and saving the baby squash as best we could, and then wouldn’t you know it–it rained again.  Poured last night.  Normally I throw up my hands in cheer, but last night?  I was a tad concerned.  But all for not.  Look.

The bed survived with nary an issue.  Which begs the question:  What the heck happened?

We may never know, but one thing I do know is that daily visits to my garden made all the difference.  I was able to detect the problem, fix it, and in turn, save my squash.  Another reason to visit early and often?  When those little sprouts you transplanted appear delicate and vulnerable.  Think this little guy is too small for transplant?

Apparently the kids didn’t.  They transplanted these peppers, too.

Well, I’ll give them an A+ for independence (I was tending elsewhere in the garden during their transplanting) but as to survival rate?

I think the grade is still out on that one. 🙂