That’s a Heckuva Garden Hat!

Wherever did you find it?

Now that’s a smart gal asking after a great hat.  While sometimes overlooked, hats are an essential part of the gardener’s wardrobe.  Not only do they keep the sun off your delicate skin (which gets more delicate as you grow older so where your hat–while you’re young ladies!), they keep critters out of your hair, off your shoulders…

You get the picture.  Gardening entails wildlife–the kind you don’t want crawling through your gorgeous lockes. 

I know it’s not a pretty picture I’m painting, but I’d rather you be prepared (else you run from your new gardening adventure before reaping your reward at harvest time!).  And with so many beautiful garden hats to choose from, why wouldn’t you wear one?  Other than the fact it flattens a girl’s “do.”  But where do you have to be?  You’re gardening, not gallavanting!

When buying a garden hat, I have one word of advice:  chin strap.

I’ve gone through a lot of garden hats in the course of my adventure and have found the hats with chin straps are my keepers.  Just think about it:  there you are, tucked between your rows, minding your business when all of a sudden a gust of wind sneaks up on you and blows your lovely hat clear from your head.  After you shriek and curse that blasted Mother Nature for her mischeif, you rise to gather your hat, only to find it…dirty.

Yep.  So make sure whichever hat you choose includes a strap.  Especially if it’s pretty.  My first choice is straw.  I like the look and find it holds up well. Also, most wide brimmed hats seemed to be woven in nature and wide-brimmed is good–keeps the sun off your skin and out of your eyes!  But wait, you’re wearing your protective eyegear, aren’t you?  This one shown is available through Mast General Store, an outfit out of North Carolina.

For a smaller “headprint” and lightweight option, how about the hat you wear out on the boat, when you’re fishing? 

What? You don’t fish?”  Oh mercy are you missing out on some big fun!  But not to worry–your garden will provide you with all the fun you need.  Outside of fishing, that is.  This booney-style hat will work both out on the boat and in the garden (note chin strap) and is washable.  Straw is not.  Brushable, but not washable.

And with a name like Sun Goddess, how could you go wrong?

Yeehaw–there’s always a cowgirl hat!  Chin strap, straw made, this one’s for you.  From high atop your tractor to crouched between your rows of corn, you’ll feel right at home in this one and ready for a quick change for a night on the town.

I do love a good country line dance, now and again. Mostly to watch since my coordination (and memory) lacks to keep up! 

Oh well, there’s always the garden…always something exciting going on in there.

Which brings me to a good point.  Hats are practical but should also be fun.  They’re a reflection of you.  Like your gloves, your glasses, your shoes, your shorts–hats are an expression of your personality.  Make it bold but make it useful!

And don’t forget the chin strap.

p.s.  There’s one more option.  If you’re willing to forgo the chin strap (simply not a breeze in sight in your neck of the woods), check this cute paisley hat from Women’s Work.  It will match your cute paisley gloves.  And who doesn’t like to coordinate accessories?