Watch Out for Squash Bugs!

Ashley has some beautiful squash growing in her garden.  Actually, she has a lot of beautiful EVERYTHING growing in her garden–just look at this overflow of flourishing foliage!

But she must be vigilant, because squash bugs can devastate a squash plant in no time.  I should know–look what they’ve done to my compost squash!  Before:

And now for the horrible ruins left in their aftermath:

Do you think they’ve moved on since eating me out of compost and squash?  Of course not.  For those of you who have never seen a squash bug and wouldn’t know how to spot one if he were crawling along your planter, take a good long gander…

Ugly.  Plain and simple.  These bugs are not pretty and they’re ruthless in their attack.  (Apparently summer squash is one of their favorites.)  They also lay eggs.  Check the undersides of your leaves for these telltale signs you might have a problem.

 Yes, I realize I’ve scared some of you clear out of the garden with these photos, but organic gardening requires vigilance and stiff spines.  Sure it would be easier to spray these marauders, but then you’d be forced to consume toxic chemicals–and you don’t want to consume poison.  I mean, isn’t eating healthy part of the gardening process? 

It is.  But gardening is also fun, so ask one of your kids to handle the duty of bug dispatch (squash em, Danno).  They enjoy it far more than you do!  Just be sure they’re wearing gloves.  You can also try planting marigold nearby, as squash bugs tend to keep their distance from these golden glories. 

On to a more postitive note (though still dealing with squash), Julie’s garden is thriving as well!  Yes, that’s squash AND zucchini in her garden.  Vigilance…  Vigilance…

Though she has a bit of explaining to do. 

“Julie?”  I mean, I’m all about garden decoration, but antlers? 

Seems our theme is a bit off…