Make Corn Husk Dolls this Fall!

Here’s a fun way to use all those corn husks this fall — make dolls!  These kids are having a ball  (is there a lot of rhyming going on here?)  and it’s quite simple.

To begin, remove husks from corn.  It’s best to use soft, pliable husks but if you have some already dried, no problem.  Just soak them in water for about 10 minutes to soften.  Gather together about 4 – 6 corn husks, thin ends at one end, and tie with string or twine.  I used yarn in this example but it won’t hold up in the long run, so use something more sturdy.  For hair, include the silk from your corn.  Tuck it inside your gathered husks before tying.

Next, hold husks at tied end and fold over to create head.  Tie at neck.  Look at that gorgeous blonde hair!  Yarn is a good substitute for hair.

For arms, take another husk and roll it lengthwise into a tight tube.  Tie at ends to create hands and slip in between the body of your doll. 

For added bulk, roll another husk from end to end and under husks, beneath arms before you tie the waist.

For a girl, you’re finished.  For a boy, divide husks into two sections and tie and knee and ankle.  Kids can decorate how they wish.

Try it!  My kids really enjoyed it.