Strawberries and onions

Strawberries and onions go together like sisters and brothers.  Great companions in the garden of life, but quite different from one another on many different levels.  My daughter takes to strawberries, my son to onions. 

He eats them raw actually, which is odd in itself — until you taste a homegrown onion fresh picked from the garden.  It’s nothing like the store bought kind!  Sweet and delicate and oh-so-fun-to-pick.

Must be a man thing.  My husband loves to slice them alongside his tomatoes with a little salt to boot.   Says he could eat them every day this way.  Which is a good thing, seeing as how I planted a hundred of these babies!  Literally.  I planned on braiding them for storage and hanging them for effect.  Looking forward to it actually, as I thought it would be kinda fun.  At this rate, I doubt I’ll get to try my first weave!

But that’s okay.  As long as the crew is eating fresh veggies, I’ll stick to braiding hair. 

As to my personal preference, I’m with my daughter on this one.   Gorgeous red strawberries hold the allure for me, especially when you can spy them on the vine and pluck to your heart’s desire.   Once again, there’s something about growing your own that seems to make them taste sweeter.  

Psychological?  Could be.   But then again, when I’m in the garden it’s all psychological!  

And physical.  

And emotional (when the mutiny over weeding pokes through the kid’s veneer of joy).  But i’t’s all fun!